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February 29, 2008
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Mahatma Gandhi: Bigot? by Roshi69 Mahatma Gandhi: Bigot? by Roshi69
Part of a series of posters I want to put up around my school protesting the existence of the "Gay-Straight" Alliance at my school using actual heroes. My hero, Mahatma Gandhi, was suprisingly "conservative".
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Nero--Angelo Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
the funny part . . . he was probably gay himself 
Yaoifan84 Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
DolphinLotus Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012
Yes, Ghandi was a bigot in that sense. He was only human, and is allowed to make these sorts of mistakes. Given the environment he was raised in (India has never been really gay-friendly...) it's not surprising.

Consider the message you send by allowing this poster to be displayed. "You're a disgusting person who is holding the rest of humanity back." How would you feel if this was the final straw that caused a gay person to commit suicide? Could you handle their blood on your hands?

Help humanity progress. End bigotry, intolerance, and hatred.
Fuiron Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
So childish, to do this! To repeat what a hero said, though it has nothing to do with their actions as a hero, is like gluing a beak to your face because you want to fly like a bird! Very silly!
The---New---Cancer Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010
Hey Roshi well let me start of by saying I love Gandhi too for the most part..can't say I agree with this in anyway other than well Gandhi was a bigot in this instance but just because he condemned homosexuality doesn't mean anything even if he was a great spiritual person that doesn't mean he can't be wrong about what he said up there.

And how is stopping a GSA helping humanity progress? You could be killing people in your school by doing that. Seems counter-progressive.

"The fact that sex has a purpose, and gay sex does not work towards that end. It's evil."

Ok yes sex has a purpose to reproduce so following what you said Old people sex - the ones who are waaay to old to have kids is evil. So is sex between infertile couples.

Also I think it might be a stretch to assume you read the bible so there's an article I recently read that helped me deal with my faith and sexuality.

immortality-in-words Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Gay-Straight alliances are a place for people of a sexuality against the norm to get support and advice without having to worry about being victimized.

There are those who, without access to these places, have committed suicide due to all the bullying, fear, and pain they felt, due to people's lack of acceptance. GSAs are to help people to not feel so alone and isolated.

I am hurt that you would want to put an end to that, and hurt so many people. The idea of it brings tears to my eyes.
kavsikuzah Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
h12hardcore Featured By Owner May 6, 2010
Actually yes Gandhi was a bigot, likely on a very many things. He hated Africans with a passion, and spent much of his time in South Africa, where he first gained notoriety, fighting to distinguish the Indian population and the natives. He wrote several about how disgusting he found the Africans to be and how clearly superior the Indians were. He also encouraged his fellow Indians to support the British war against the Zulu people in order to help his own cause. Of course this was almost a hundred years ago, when things like racism were common throughout most of the world.

I assume you know all this though since Gandhi is your hero and all.
Roshi69 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
There's a massive difference between the South African Gandhi and the Gandhi I admire and respect. For example, Malcolm X was a violent bigot for basically all of his public life, but, after the Hajj, he became a messenger of peace and brotherhood. Had he not been killed, his message probably would have done great things. Gandhi was able to do great things after his transformation, and, no one can seriously look at Gandhi during the last 40 years of his life and call him a bigot. It would be sheer idiocy to do so.
h12hardcore Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
Except that he never recanted his opinions of South Africans and only ever spoke about his own people. Malcom X at least acknowledge his mistake and expressed regret over it, Ghandi never did.
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